Evolix - An electric sister duo

Evolix is a contemporary pop group comprised of two siblings - Alexis and Korina. The Boston natives officially began releasing songs under their current stage moniker during the year 2016.  Having drawn a significant amount of influence from recording artists like Zedd, Jessie J and Dua Lipa—their original compositions primarily consist of dance-pop and EDM. “Evolix strives to make a global impact where the lives of all are affected in some way by the empowering messages we are trying to promote,” said Korina.

Although both members contribute to Evolix equally, Korina is the principal songwriter of the group. She has built her foundation of lyrical content upon love, empowerment, heartbreak and other life experiences that teenagers face-- such as depression. The group’s other lead vocalist, Alexis, often provides the aesthetic characteristics that enhance her younger sister’s vision. “Because Korina and I are so close, we are able to play to each other's strengths, and we are able to understand the overall creative vision. I can create a visual that will portray the true underlying message of Korina’s music,” said Alexis.

Their newest single, “All My Life”, is a romantic tale about someone who has overcome a considerable amount of emotional whiplash in order to finally come to grips with the feelings that they have for a love interest.